Why Scottish Country Dancing?

It's Fun!

You may been to a ceilidh, and thoroughly enjoyed it. SCD is in much the same style, but rather more controlled. A few years ago, BBC Scotland TV had a programme entitled 'Controlled Abandon' and that is a fair description. When a dance goes right, the fun comes from satisfaction. When it goes wrong, well! Occasionally things get a little serious, but it rarely lasts for long. Scottish Country dancers are a fairly happy bunch.

It's Sociable!

This is not for individual egos! Which is not to say that we do not have our characters - we very definitely do.

The dances are usually in a set of 4 couples, although 3 and 5 are quite common, whilst 7 is not unknown. You dance together as a team, helping one another. Smile at your partner, and the others in your set, is a mantra that your teacher will often say.

It is the norm that you do not have the same partner for every dance. Indeed, to dance with different partners is much encouraged. There are usually experienced dancers willing to take beginners under their wing. If you are trying to do your best, others will help you. Once you have learnt the essentials, you can dance anywhere - and that includes most parts of the world! Always pack your dancing shoes!

It's Exercise!

Physical exercise it obviously is, but you may be surprised by how much brain exercise is also involved. Indeed by the end of some classes - and this applies to all of us - the brain will have been stretched as much as the legs. This is all part of the fun as you move up to higher standards. Our eldest active member is 92 and counting, so it must be doing some good.

It also teaches co-operation, teamwork, and self control. Is there any positive life skill that it is missing?

It's Not Expensive!

The only equipment you need to start is a pair of soft flat soled shoes. Trainers are not ideal because they grip the floor too hard which restricts the flow of your movement. Classes, socials and dances are all priced to cover costs and no more.

Why not give Scottish Country Dancing a try?