Watch RSCDS Richmond branch in action!  

Check out videos of the Branch demonstrating dances, including those devised by its members. 

"The Lass of Richmond Hill" can be considered to be our branch dance.  It was devised by our Honorary President, Fiona Turnbull.  Here it is, being danced in class by some of our class members, with Fiona as first man. 

Crib and diagram can be found here or here. The dance is also published in the RSCDS Second Graded Book, with full dance instructions, music and recording.  

"Richmond's Platinum Celebration" was was commissioned by the Richmond Branch to celebrate our 70th anniversary in 2022. We think it may be the only dance to include a "7" (as well, of course, as an "0"!). It is danced in the video by Richmond Branch class members. 

Full dance instructions can be found here; crib and diagram here; and the music here

"Jump for Joy" was devised by one of our class members, Anna Smith, for one of our teachers, Joy Bradshaw. The set in this video is made up of ladies from the Richmond branch (including Joy and Anna!), and girls from Joy's children's class.  

Full dance instructions can be found here; crib and diagram here or here; and the music here

Richmond Branch class members recently joined up with the Mowden Junior School children's class to dance "The Flying Scotsman", in honour of centenary of the famous train in 2023. 

Our video was included - along with those of hundreds of other dancers from all around the world - in the RSCDS's very special celebration of 100 years of both the society and the locomotion, which you can view here

With our thanks to Head of Steam - Darlington Railway Museum for welcoming us to film there.