Our regular weekly classes, for adults of all abilities, are held on Wednesday evenings, currently from 7.30 - 9.30 pm, September to April, in The Booth Memorial Hall, Catterick Village, DL10 7LD (please check the calendar for any changes in venue and any weeks when the usual class is not taking place). The Hall is located on the corner of Swale Lane and the High Street. (View on map.) 

Beginners are very welcome, with your first class free. You don't need a partner, but flat, soft shoes are recommended (regular Scottish dancers tend to wear dance shoes, as you may have spotted in the photos). If you'd like to give Scottish Country Dancing a try (and we'd heartily recommend you do!), please get in touch

Making up a set at class in 2016

We have two experienced and friendly teachers - Joy Bradshaw and Louise Macdougall - and if they are ever unavailable, we are grateful to be able to call on our honorary president Fiona Turnbull, who has now retired from teaching regular classes, but kindly still stands in when needed. All three ladies are RSCDS qualified, and excellent at both putting newcomers at ease asthey learn the basics, and putting more experienced dancers through their paces with a bit more of a challenge!  

Joy teaching the class how to dance an interlocking allemande. 

Classes are also held in June and July to learn the dances for the White Rose Festival in Leeds in July.  These classes are aimed at the dancers who will be taking part in the festival, but others are most welcome to attend.  The demonstration dances are often 'interesting', and the accent is very much on getting the little things right that make the dance look and feel good.  We're very grateful to Louise, who prepares us so well for the festival each year. 

The team, under Louise's supervision, practising the One o'Clock Canon for the White Rose Festival 2014.