Cribs for events


All branch activities (including classes, socials and dances) are currently  cancelled until further notice, in response to the coronavirus outbreak.  This regrettable decision has been made in order to keep our dancers safe, which remains our top priority.  
We will resume our activities when it is once again safe to do so, and look forward to seeing you then.  

Cribs (which contain a programme of dances plus dance instructions) for each event are available here.  

Click the links for an interactive crib, containing written instructions, diagrams and videos:  

                                                                                     No events taking place at present due to Covid-19.

Alternatively, see below for printed cribs, available as a Word or PDF document.  Click on the document name to open, or click the arrow to download.  

Interactive cribs are created via My Strathspey (SCDDB) and printed cribs via Minicrib (Charles Upton & the Minicrib Team) - with our acknowledgement and thanks.